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Spooky YA books for Halloween

'Tis the spooky season! Whether you are trick or treating or not - you can always curl up with a spine-chilling book to set the mood. I've done a bit of research and found these top six to be the best books for Halloween for teens.

Number One: The Ghost Files by Apryl Baker

Mystery, suspense, intrigue, and of course - paranormal are embedded in this teen read from 2013. It's a supernatural murder mystery, which I love. Mattie Hathaway has a gift to see ghosts. She is in foster care, and she is being talked to by these spirits, but she ignores them. That is until her friend Sally disappears. Then, Mattie must turn to the ghosts for assistance in solving the crime.

This book has 3,557 reviews on Amazon with an impressive 4.5/5 rating. Some of the reviews take issue that it's not polished and is definitely a YA novel for teens - but as long as you know the genre and aren't expecting Stephen King - it is an enjoyable read.


Released in 2010, but it still holds up. There are thirteen spooky short stories in this book. This includes some New York Times bestsellers and Edgar Award Nominees and edited by the Goosebumps creator, R.L. Stine. According to some of the reviews, it's probably best for at least 13 and up - so a step up from the Goosebumps crowd. You can't go wrong with this one. From werewolves, cannibal children, vampires, and more - this book runs the gamut of the horror genre. 184 ratings with a 4.7/5. Wow! But I'm not surprised.

Number Three: Ten by Gretchen McNeil

Ten teenage friends attend an exclusive party on Henry Island filled with booze, cute boys, and other luxuries. Now, typically I'm not too fond of books for teens that involve alcohol, but since the fun turns into terror - I suppose there is a lesson to be learned there. A horrendous storm ensues (of course), and a serial killer starts picking off the partygoers one by one. The protagonist is Meg - can she find the killer before it's too late? 401 book ratings on Amazon rated at 4.3 - that's great.

Number Four: Autumn Nights: 13 Spooky Fall Reads by Cass Kim & more

The best thing about his one is with each purchase - they donate to the ASPCA to prevent cruelty to animals. I'm sold! But second to that these stories cover trips to the pumpkin patch, a creepy take on Hansel and Gretel, Victorian witches, and more! 75 book ratings on Amazon rated at 4.4 - that's stellar

Number Five: A Grimoire Dark by D.S. Quinton

I love this cover, by the way. That's what drew me in at first. So, we have another orphan protagonist in this book with a disabled boy named Jimmy, who she protects. This story is set in the Louisiana swamps, which I can identify with, given my family's from there (not me, though - I'm a first-generation Texan). So, a demon spirit rises from the swamps and starts preying on the lost souls of Nola. What? No - that's not good! Stop that! So, Del Lareaux, the protagonist, uses a gift from her ancestry to fight the spirits. Some of the more negative reviews hated it, but the love was there in the rest. 139 book ratings on Amazon rated at 4.4 - that's A+. You certainly cannot please everyone.

Number Six: A Book of Creeps & Haunts by Dr. Bon Blossman & Zakk Myer

Okay, real talk - I would only include the top five and not include my book, but with a quick scroll down - this book was there on the front page of Amazon as best sellers for Teen Horror Books. Surreal! So, it's a sign. I must add a #6 to my list for my YA horror anthology for teens for shameless self-promotion. This is a spine-tingling collection of unnerving original stories - this covers aliens, demons, witches, ghosts - you name it! 15 book ratings on Amazon rated at 4.4 - we're climbing up there.

I hope you have a great and spooky Halloween!


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