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What?  I can't believe our short film was selected for the NYC iPhone Film Festival!  June 11th, 2023 is the date of the festival. This is AMAZING! 

Please watch it on my YouTube Channel!

OFFICIAL SELECTION - New York City Smart Phone Film Festival - 2023.png

Once Upon a Scare was honored as a finalist in the Book Excellence Awards in the Short Story book category. For such a broad category, I'm thrilled that this project made it as a finalist! 

Book Excellence Finalists 2023


It's been a hot minute, but another short film is on the books. This time, there was a cast of only two. We filmed it on an iPhone with one producer who worked with us during one scene (to assist Rhythm with the stove cooking behind the scenes. 

Great fun!  

Please watch it on my YouTube Channel!

Switch tf final.png

Winner, winner, chicken...well, sushi dinner!

Once Upon a Scare has WON THE YOUNG ADULT CATEGORY for the New England Book Festival!  Wow! That's amazing!

And has received the honor of being a Distinguished Favorite with New York Book Awards.  This is very amazing news. The best way to end out 2022! 


The day has finally come for the release of: 

Once Upon a Scare

A YA scary short story book for teens. 

It's available online where books are sold.  The links are on the book's site. 

Click on the stack of books to watch the book trailer! 


Dr. Bon Blossman's next release is Once Upon a Scare: August 11th, 2022. This is a YA horror genre short story book. 

Here is the book trailer!


Need help on Anatomy & Physiology I this upcoming semester? 

Lesson one has been posted, with more to come. Click here for the introduction video. 

I will cover my old syllabus when I taught the class for over a decade with fun quizzes to make sure you understand it.


Dr. Bon Blossman's next release has been announced - Once Upon a Scare: August 11th, 2022. This is a YA horror genre short story book. 

The book trailer will be released on July 20th, 2022.  Click on the book to see the YouTube video. 


Starting Thursday, May 19th - join Dr. Bon and family/friends (all played by Dr. Bon) for a comedy science education show. Have fun while learning something new!



A Book of Creeps & Haunts takes the Distinguished Favorite for Short Stories, NYC Book Awards, 2020



Another family drama cooking competition - Burgers & Scandal. 

We have done three episodes with more to come. 

Christmas 2022 - we are planning an epic cookie challenge. Get ready for saboteurs, amateurs, and maybe some really awesome cookies! Meh, probably not. 



Behind the Mirror (Book 1) was declared a finalist in the YA Fiction category of the Manhattan Book Awards of 2020.

Such an honor to be the solo finalist in this huge category with only one winner! 



Turn off the lights. 

Get under the covers.
Grab a flashlight.
Be quiet, or they’ll hear you.

Because in this spine-tingling collection of unnerving original stories, you won’t know who to trust as you navigate through horrific tales with intriguing twists and turns. These stories will keep you on the edge of your seat, and you won’t be going to bed without watching the shadows. A Book of Haunts and Creeps contains 13 haunting tales by award-winning authors, Dr. Bon Blossman and Zakk Myer.

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Best Seller List

The Noxhelm Murders reaches #2 on the Amazon Best Seller List for Teen & YA Detective Story - free copies.

And #7 for Teen & YA Supernatural and Fantasy. And #10 for teen horror books!


Nox 2.png
Best Seller List

Dregs Island hit #1 on the Amazon Best Seller List for Teen & YA Stories about Boys and Men - free copies.

And #2 for Teen & YA Law and Crime. And #3 for teen and YA Survival Stories!


dregs 1.png
Best Seller List

Behind the Mirror reaches #3 on the Amazon Best Seller List for Teen & YA Dark Fantasy - free copies.


3 on amazon.png

We went on a big family Disney trip in January of 2020 to celebrate my big birthday! It was amazing!


Meh Chef | Episode 2

Another family drama cooking competition - featuring Rhythm Myer Overbey as a commentator!



Wormhole - Book 2 of the Behind the Mirror YA dark fantasy trilogy is now available on 

The book trailer is on YouTube. Click here.


Book 1 of Behind the Mirror Trilogy has won the Silver Medal for YA Science Fiction, and the Gold Medal for Thriller in Special Interest with Literary Classics Book Awards! 

Amazing news! 


harrison vic.jpg

Book 1 of the Behind the Mirror YA dark fantasy trilogy is now available. 

Click here for direct links to purchase. 


Book 2 is coming soon - Fall 2019! 


wider border.png

The Amazon pre-orders for the YA fantasy series, Behind the Mirror (Book 1) are now available! 

Get your copy so you don't miss out on launch day 9/25/19! 

wider border.png

Click on the link to watch our fam's cooking competition.


Video release date: June 16th, 2019


Next up: 

Facebook Live Chat on 

July 3rd at 2 PM CST.

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Family Cooking

Family cooking 



YouTube video to come soon!

Poached Egg Sandwich

Finally, the time has come for the yearly beach getaway! This year, Fort Lauderdale! 

May 22, 2019

Tropical Resort
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