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Firefly Black checkered flooring. Old, magical dusty apothecary store with items on shelve
Firefly Black checkered flooring. Old, magical dusty apothecary store with- beakers, magni


Brimming with academic prowess and a splash of eccentric charm, Dr. Bon Blossman is not just your average Ph.D. holder – she's a kaleidoscope of talents in the limelight! With her quirky zest, Dr. Bon has graced the entertainment scene as a vibrant TV personality, whimsical author, inventive entrepreneur, and digital social butterfly. You might recognize her from her sparkling stint on NBC's hit series Big Rich Texas, where the fourth season followed her family's lively tales and the arrival of a little bundle of joy!

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Beyond the glitz of BRT, Dr. Bon crafts enchanting tales in the realm of YA fiction. Her latest spellbinding story, Once Upon a Scare, won the prestigious silver medal for YA Fiction with IPPY (Independent Publisher Book Awards) and followed the award-winning A Book of Creeps & Haunts, a thrilling collaboration with her son, Zakk Myer. The literary world has showered her Fiona Frost Mystery Series and other captivating novels with accolades, proving that her pen is as mighty as her wit! And who could forget her animated stint in a Pepsi-Cola commercial in 2007 or her playful appearance with her daughter in a Hasbro Games ad in 2012? 


Dr. Bon has earned her Ph.D. in physiology and has published her research in peer-reviewed journals (Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology and Physiological and Biochemical Zoology), with one paper being considered a landmark research project by a peer-reviewer. She also has served as an Ad Hoc Reviewer for the National Science Foundation, Royal Integrative Society, and other scientific journals. She has taught courses, including biochemistry, at the college level for over nineteen years, earning an award for Fostering Student Achievement. Her most recent academic appointment was as an adjunct professor at The University of North Texas, teaching biochemistry, biology, and parasitology.


Dr. Bon is not just a master of mysteries in her novels – she’s the creative brain behind My Mystery Party, a top haunt for party enthusiasts worldwide! With a treasure trove of over 100 games, virtual mystery escapades, and Catch a Killer case files, she's the Sherlock of soirees! Plus, with handbooks for hosting and a new board game on the horizon, Dr. Bon is your go-to guru for gatherings.


Living in the vibrant heart of Austin, Texas, Dr. Bon revels in reading, family moments, project filming, and the digital dance of video games. And that's not all – she’s a filmmaking aficionado, diving into the world of short films. Dinner is Served earned screams of acclaim, and her latest cinematic snack, Switch, filmed on an iPhone with her granddaughter, is making waves in film festivals!

There you have it, folks – Dr. Bon Blossman, the quirky queen of mysteries, parties, and so much more! Keep an eye out; her next adventure is just around the corner!

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