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The official party host handbook

An essential guide for party hosting. From birthdays to baby showers there are unique party themes for all ages, party food recipes, party etiquette, over 100 party games, and more! There's also a master party planning checklist for any type of event.

Chances are, you make big plans for Halloween each year. Whether you are an experienced party host or are new to the game, you should ask yourself the following questions: - Are you maximizing your guests’ experience while minimizing your budget at the same time? - Do you have enough entertainment to keep your friends busy for the duration of the party? - Are you providing quality entertainment that they’ll talk about for years to come? The Halloween Party Host Handbook will guide you in hosting an optimal party that is memorable, yet affordable. In this book, there is a master party checklist to ensure you cover all bases while planning your big day. Other topics covered are DIY costumes and makeup, DIY décor, Halloween party themes, and spooky recipes. With 200 party games to choose from, your guests will be sore from laughter and filled with epic stories for many years to come. Don’t host another Halloween party without this guidebook!

the Halloween party host handbook

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