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Bon Blossman



My YouTube long-form videos are science tutorials with a comedic twist, original comedy song videos, MEH Chef series with my fam, and my book trailers. 

My short-form videos are all comedy skits - usually generational comedy, but sometimes, I throw in other stuff. 

I release the
comedy song



These two platforms gave me legacy verification in 2012 and 2013. Since then, they are requiring payment for it, so it's not as special to me as it once was, but whatever.  I don't pay FB, so it's a matter of time before that blue check falls off. 


Since Instagram doesn't give bonuses anymore, I just throw my YouTube reject videos on there and the occasional Friday night selfie. 
Follow me here at your own risk.

But I have noticed many of my friends from TikTok have been more active lately on Instagram and YouTube, which is telling about how TT is doing. 


Ever since they shadow-banned me when I neared 200K (it's a thing with not just me, so I've read), I've not been spending my efforts on TikTok any longer.  I will never spend time on a platform that can pull the plug on you for no reason or at least a pseudo-explanation. Albeit, most are like that, but not as bad as TT.  Ignore my blog articles about how to grow a TikTok account because it's not worth it, trust me. 

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