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January 2023: Big Rich Texas: Where Are They Now? I wasn't interviewed for this, but you can pull a lot from the internet, so there's that. 

July, 2022: The Cinemaholic website published a Big Rich Texas: Where are they Now article. It's pretty accurate as far as our fam goes. 

September, 2021 Oprah Daily Magazine selected six of my virtual mystery party games for their article 'Best Virtual Murder Mystery Games.'

March 2020: My interview regarding our win with A Book of Creeps & Haunts. 


February 2020: My interview about Wormhole with ReadMoreCo. 

February 2020:  Literary Classics Author Spotlight for my award-winning book Behind the Mirror (Book 1)


January 2020: Publisher's Weekly reviewed Behind the Mirror (Book 1).

December 2019: Cityline (a morning show in Canada) featured My Mystery Party and semi-played my Murder at Doom Mansion game.


June 2019:  Literary Classics Author Spotlight for my award-winning book The Noxhelm Murders

December 2018:  Fox 32 in Chicago for my award-winning book The Noxhelm Murders

December 2018: Book Reader Magazine as the Featured Author.

September 2017: Reader Views interview about Dreg's Island

January 2017: All Star Bio 

March 2016: Literary Classics Author Spotlight for my award-winning book Fiona Frost: Shillingstone Witch.

April 2014: Famous Birthdays - Check out my page ;-) 

March 2014: 'Hottie Doctors' Academics as Celetoids - a Case Study of Dr. Bonnie

August 2013: TMZ - Big Rich Texas Star to Big Brother - Texans are not racist.

July 2013: CelebnMusic 247 Announces Baby Mayhem - Whitney Whatley welcomes a baby girl! 

July 2013: Defamation Case Dismissed - After more than a year of ridiculousness.

July 2013: Reality Tea Bonnie and Whitney Land a Spin Off Show

July 2013: Celeb Baby Scoop

January 2013: Reality Tea - Photos - Bon Blossman and Whitney Whatley

December 2012: Cosmopolitan Magazine picked My Mystery Party as the company for Murder Mystery Dinner Parties!

December 2012: Style's Big Rich Texas is an Unlikely Hit - New York Times

December 2012: Whit's Big Announcement - OK Magazine, December 2012

November, 2012: Big Rich Texas Duo Star in Hasbro Commercial - Paper Blog


November 2012: Reality Tea - Who is Bonnie Blossman?


October 2012: TMZ: Big Rich Texas Stars ---Here Come the Honey Boo Boo costumes


October 2012: Inside Scoop of BRT Season Three on

October 2012: Celebuzz: Season Premiere Exclusive

October 2012: Hollywood Life: ‘Big Rich Texas’: Bonnie Weighs In On Leslie & Melissa’s Botox Battle

May 2012: Celebuzz: Big Rich Texas Star Spills on RHOBH Cast

April 2012: Chicago3Media - On the Phone with Bonnie

April 2012: Star Magazine (Celebrity Dieting Issues)

April 2012: Soap Opera Digest 

April 2012: Big Rich Florida? - Miami Herald

March 2012: Ifelicious Part 1/3 ‘Big Rich Texas’ Season 2 stars Bonnie and Whitney: tattoos, rumors, new pursuits

September 2011: Homorazzi Interview - September 15th, 2011

September 2011: Dallas Voice features our Trevor Project watching party

September 2011: NBC New York Live Show - aired September 15th, 2011

September 2011:  The Derek Z Show - a hit YouTube sensation :) 

September 2011: Big Blonde Hair interview with Whitney and me. 

August 2011: Ifelicious Celebrity Blogger

August 2011: Playboy Radio - these chicks are GREAT!

August 2011: Zimbio - caught us on the street going to Boa in LA!

July 2011: Digital Spy - about the Real Housewives comment. 

July 2011: Huffington Post about our show being compared to the Real Housewives of OC​

September 2009: Dr. Bon hits the news in Florida when Sun Sentinel features her mystery party company - My Mystery Party.

My Mystery Party was featured on Cityline in 2019

Bon & My Mystery Party was featured on Fox 32 Chicago, 2018

Dr. Bon had the lead for a spell for the #1 reality star in Dallas for D Magazine 2017

D Magazine Ultimate Reality Star poll

Bon was interviewed for My Mystery Party and her novels on KTXD-TV in Dallas in 2013

Big Rich Texas Stars Appear on New York Live in 2012

Bon and Whitney were guests on New York Live, 2012

Big Rich Texas Stars, Bon and Whitney, appear on Showbiz Tonight, 2012.

Bon and Whitney were guests on two episodes of Showbiz Tonight, 2012

Bon & Whitney were guests on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen

Watch What Happens Live features Bon and Whit from Big Rich Texas
Stars of Big Rich Texas appear in Reality Weekly Magazine

Bon was on the Dr. Drew Show two times in 2012

Dr. Bon of Big Rich Texas appears on Dr. Drew.

Bon was featured on 
Hollywood Life, 2012


Dr. Bon from Big Rich Texas is interviewed by Hollywood Life.
Bon and Whit from Big Rich Texas appear on TMZ.

Bon and Whit were on TMZ four times 2012-2013


Dr. Bon was asked for her opinions on Celebuzz on the RHOBH cast


Dr. Bon from Big Rich Texas Dishes on Real Housewives in Celebuzz Interview.


Bon, Whit, Mel, and 
Maddie were featured 
in OK Magazine 2012


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