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Behind the Mirror Trilogy Part One by Dr. Bon Blossman. A YA dark dystopian thriller for teens.

I am so excited that book one of the Behind the Mirror series is now available! This trilogy is within the YA Dark Fantasy genre.

In a shadowed realm beyond a reflective pane lies a world shrouded in darkness. Meet a once unremarkable girl, now thrust into a destiny larger than life. Four guardians, foretold by prophecy, come together to thwart a cataclysm set to obliterate intertwined dimensions. Dive into "Behind the Mirror," a captivating three-part saga that blends fantasy elements with a dystopian twist.

As the narrative unfolds, Ella, at the precipice of her seventeenth year, stumbles upon a chilling reflection of her hometown within the enigmatic mirror. This revelation turns her world upside down, pushing her to unearth her true lineage and the source of her newfound abilities. Battling against looming prophecies, she embarks on a quest to save her friends and the family she was unaware she possessed.


As of September 2023, the third part will be completed and published in 2024. 

07/01/20: Behind the Mirror is awarded the sole finalist spot in YA Fiction for the Manhattan Book Awards. 

11/15/19: Behind the Mirror (Book 1) takes the Silver Medal for YA Fiction and Gold Medal for Special Interest Thriller with Literary Classics Organization. 

10/29/19: Behind the Mirror (Book 1) has been awarded the Seal of Approval by the Literary Classics Organization! 

10/31/19: The Wormhole (Behind the Mirror Trilogy, Book 2) book trailer is released. 


  • Gold medal in Special Interest Thriller by Literary Classics, November 2019

  • Silver medal in Young Adult Science Fiction by Literary Classics, November 2019

  • Seal of Approval from the Literary Classics Book Organization, November 2019

  • Finalist in Young Adult Fiction Category - Manhattan Book Awards, June 2020

Behind the mirror won the review of the day!

Thank you, @deyae28 for your awesome review!

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