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A horror short

A young girl living in a house riddled with paranormal activity must face unspeakable evils.




Best Trailer. Multi-Dimension Independent Film Festival

Best Short Horror/Child Actress. Cult Movies International

Best Short Horror/Sound Design. Red Moon Film Festival

Best short horror film. Airflix Film Festival


Best Short. Movie Play Film Festival

Mojo International

Best Super Short. AltFF Alternative Film Festival

Best short film/sound: Mojo International Film Festival


Best Short. Delta International Film Festival

Best Short. Indiefare International Film Festival

Best Short. Clown International Film Festival

Best Trailer: EdiPlay International Film Festival


Best Horror Short. Robinson Film Awards (International).

Honorable Mentions: 

Best Short Film. Frights! Camera! Action! Film Festival, 2023

Best Short Film. Spring Time International Film Festival, 2023

Best Horror Short. Film Festival, 2023

Best Horror Short. World Indie Film Festival, 2023

Best Short: Wreak Havoc  Film Festival 2023

This film was shot in Austin, Texas in July of 2022. Only an iPhone and a halo light was used to film with no crew or production assistants with the exception of Rhythm's mother helping with the cooking scene. The video was edited with Final Cut Pro and After Effects. 


  1. Golden Short Film Festival

  2. Toronto International Film Festival

  3. NYC Smart Phone Film Festival

  4. Austin Spotlight Film Festival

  5. The Monkey Bread Tree Film Awards

  6. KIIFF


Written & Directed by Bon Blossman

Story consultants: Zakk Myer, Whitney Overbey, Rhythm 

Produced by: Bon & Rhythm, Whitney Overbey.

Edited by: Bon Blossman

Music, sound by: Jason Myer

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