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Choosing the Correct Murder Mystery Game

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

Follow these steps to select the perfect mystery party for your group.  The following steps are the best way to narrow down the huge selection of games at

Gender ratio. 

This will be a big determining factor on which games you can select from. Consider your maximum guest list and keep this handy for when you are reviewing character lists. We do have a game sorter at My Mystery Party where you can select Co-ed, All Male, and All Female games.

Minimum age. 

With our games, this isn't as critical, as there are not many differences between these two categories.  There are some games (i.e. Wine Tasting) that are only adult and others (i.e. Teen Idol Awards) that will be specifically for teens. 

Group size.

Write down your maximum group size that could possibly happen in the best scenario. Even if you believe some of your friends, family, colleagues may  not want to come - write their name down, as once word gets out, invite lists grow, and you don't want to pick a game that won't cover your maximum number.  On our game sorter, we do have the option to sort by game size.  We also have a handy chart that sorts the games by minimum required players.  You can determine the maximum number of available roles and team roles by going to 'Other Details' to view the stats of the game. 

Game difficulty rating. 

Our games have been sorted into bins by difficulty, as we don't include highly-inappropriate material (i.e. foul language, sexual innuendos, or drug references). This is a subjective rating system based upon beta group testing and host feedback. The ratings are there to give you an idea for comparison, but it is subjective and ratings may fluctuate over time given feedback. 

In short - if your group is made up of mostly tween or teens or you will be serving cocktails - go for the easier games. If you are an experienced group of mystery party-goers - opt for the more challenging games. 


This might be the most important decision, but the above selections must be made first. Will you have an outgoing group that would have a blast with elaborate costumes? Or, will your group be more subdued, with a portion of the invitees unsure about the idea of a mystery party?  By the way, those that have that thought beforehand are 99% of the time won over ~ 10 minutes into the party once they see how much fun people are having. Or, are you having the party around a holiday? 

The theme is super important to make a good match with your group.  A group of shy, reserved folks who don't know each other would probably be more comfortable in roles that aren't too outrageous or out-of-the-box, like Bloodwood Masquerade Ball.  Groups that are very familiar with each other and have more outgoing personalities might prefer dressing up like werewolves, vampires, sorcerers, and humans with our Factions game.  Spend some time watching the game trailer videos, reviewing the character lists, and synopsis to see if you feel the theme will be a proper fit with your group. The staff at My Mystery Party will answer any questions you might have about the game, as well. 

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