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Behind the Mirror Series, Part Two: Wormhole.  By Dr. Bon Blossman. This is the second installment of a dark fantasy thriller trilogy for teens.

Dr. Bon Blossman continues the gripping journey of seventeen-year-old Ella in the haunting and powerful second installment of the Behind the Mirror Trilogy.

Discover Ella's evolving destiny in "Wormhole," as she grapples with revelations and life-altering challenges. Recently awakened to her role as a guardian destined to avert the cataclysmic annihilation of intertwined universes, Ella now faces an intense trial of survival and trust. Upon realizing her mentor's confinement in The Chamber of Screams – an ominous haunted house within the deadly expanse of The Parallel – Ella must muster unmatched courage and wits.

To her astonishment, she learns that her supposed allies have brokered a truce with Dergali, the feared harbinger of doomsday. The very being who yearned for her demise now stands by her side in an unexpected alliance. Their united front is forged to combat a new adversary: Vladimir Maslow, a physicist with enigmatic motives. The weight of trust becomes a pressing issue: Can Ella rely on Dergali, the one once envisioned as her end?

As the sands of time run thin, Ella is caught in a race against destiny. She must prevent the birth of a third dimension while rallying the guardians. With the entire fabric of existence hanging in the balance, the looming question remains: can Ella navigate this intricate web and prevent the overwhelming void? The fate of all rests on her shoulders; a single misstep could plunge everything into eternal darkness.

Release date: December 22, 2019

November, 2019: Silver Medal for YA Fiction, Literary Classics
November, 2019: Gold Medal for Special Interest Thriller, Literary Classics, and a seal of approval.


As of September 2023, the final part will be completed and published in 2024. 

12/22/19: Wormhole (Behind the Mirror Trilogy, Book 2) is released on Amazon. 

11/15/19: Behind the Mirror (Book 1) takes the Silver Medal for YA Fiction and Gold Medal for Special Interest Thriller with Literary Classics Organization. 

10/29/19: Behind the Mirror (Book 1) has been awarded the Seal of Approval by the Literary Classics Organization! 

10/31/19: The Wormhole (Behind the Mirror Trilogy, Book 2) book trailer is released. 

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