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Dr. Bon Blossman continues the gripping journey of seventeen-year-old Ella in the haunting and powerful second installment of the Behind the Mirror Trilogy.

Ella had recently learned she is one of the guardians who were born to prevent the destruction of dual worlds. In Wormhole, she endures an epic battle to survive after learning her mentor is being held captive in The Chamber of Screams – a deadly haunted house in a murderous realm known as The Parallel. Ella is shocked to find her allies have consented to a truce with Dergali, the prophesied architect of the apocalypse who wanted nothing more than to see her final breath. Ella must fight alongside the monster against a physicist named Vladimir Maslow. Should Ella trust Dergali with her life? Time will tell if she chooses the right path as she fights to halt a third realm from forming while struggling to unite the four guardians before it is too late. If she fails to succeed, everything in existence will fade to black.

Release date: December 22, 2019

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12/22/19: Wormhole (Behind the Mirror Trilogy, Book 2) is released on Amazon. 

11/15/19: Behind the Mirror (Book 1) takes the Silver Medal for YA Fiction and Gold Medal for Special Interest Thriller with Literary Classics Organization. 

10/29/19: Behind the Mirror (Book 1) has been awarded the Seal of Approval by the Literary Classics Organization! 

10/31/19: The Wormhole (Behind the Mirror Trilogy, Book 2) book trailer is released. 

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